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Death Wobble fix – Replacing Rear Jeep Track Bar

How to replace the rear track bar on a jeep wrangler. If your jeep has been lifted it will be a good idea to know what kind of lift kit was installed. Sometimes the steel bushings on a replacement track bar might not fit. I bought a pro comp track bar and it was not… Read More »

How To Replace Ball Joints On A Jeep Wrangler

This will teach you how to replace your ball joints on a jeep. You will need some tools that maybe you can borrow from a friend. Or buy them also some auto parts stores even rent them out. You will need ball joint press kit to remove the ball joints and a front end service… Read More »

Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota Tacoma

How to change the oil Toyota Tacoma 2.4 liter. Let’s get started. Open up your engine compartment. You will need a few simple tools. Oil drain pan oil filter wrench and Funnel and a wrench. As shown in photo. Let’s get started by putting your oil drain pan under The vehicle engine under the oil… Read More »

Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota 4Runner

How to change your oil on a Toyota 4Runner If your vehicle has a skid plate. You will need to remove it. If your vehicle has no skid plate skip this step. My 4Runner has 2 skid plates that need to be removed. Remove the first skid plate. 4 bolts As shown in photo. After… Read More »