Death Wobble fix – Replacing Rear Jeep Track Bar

By | November 25, 2017

How to replace the rear track bar on a jeep wrangler.
If your jeep has been lifted it will be a good idea to know what kind of lift kit was installed.
Sometimes the steel bushings on a replacement track bar might not fit.
I bought a pro comp track bar and it was not compatible the steel bushings on the track bar
where to big.
It is good idea to get the track bar from the maker of the lift kit if possible.
So it will fit right.
I returned it and bought a Rubicon express track bar.
It is also a great idea to buy a adjustable track bar.
Start by locating your track bar.
You will find it just behind the gas tank.
As shown in photo.

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Now that you have located your track bar.
Remove move the nut and bolt from the driver side rear.
As shown in photo.

Now that you have removed the bolt from the driver side of the track bar.
Next you need to remove the bolt form the passenger of the rear track bar.
As shown in photo.

After you have removed the bolt then you can remove the track bar.
Then put your old track bar next to your new track bar.
Adjust the track bar for length make it the same size as the old track bar.
As shown in photo.

It is a good idea to use new hardware when installing the new track bar.
You should buy new bolts and nuts for around $20 to $30
You should also use washers if possible also.
And use a minimal of grade 8 bolts.
Also make sure the bolts are not loose in track bar.
If possible get a wider bolt so it fits tight.
That will also help avoid the death wobble to much play on the bolts is not a good thing.
New hardware as shown in photo.

Now you are ready to install your new track bar.
Slide it back in and install the driver side hardware.
As shown in photo.

Just hand tighten the bolt.
Then install the passenger side bolt.
As shown in photo.

Now you are ready to tighten down all bolts.
And you are done if some cases you might need to get your jeep professionally aligned.

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