Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota 4Runner

By | December 12, 2017

How to change your oil on a Toyota 4Runner
If your vehicle has a skid plate.
You will need to remove it.
If your vehicle has no skid plate skip this step.
My 4Runner has 2 skid plates that need to be removed.

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Remove the first skid plate.
4 bolts As shown in photo.

After you have removed the first skid plate.
Then you can remove the second skid plate.
I was able to just remove the front 2 bolts from the second skid plate
and pushed the skid plate down. Then I had enough room to work.
you might need to remove the hole skid plate in your case.
Shown rear skid plate

Remove the two front skid plate bolts on the second skid plate.
As shown in photo.

After that is complete.
You will need a drain pan and funnel.
As shown in photo.

Now you are ready to drain the oil.
Put the drain pan under the oil pan.
And remove the oil pan drain plug
to drain it.

After you have removed the oil pan bolt.
Thoroughly inspect the oil pan bolt
Gasket for any signs of wear.
If you have any signs of wear replace it.
With a new bolt with a gasket on it for around $10.
As shown.

Then Reinstall your oil drain plug.
Now remove your oil filter.
With a oil filter wrench.
As shown in photo.

Make sure your oil drain pan is under your filter.
To catch the oil when you remove it.
Put the oil filter wrench on the oil filter.
And turn the filter counter clockwise.
To remove it.
As shown in photo.

Next put a little of oil on your new
oil filter gasket. To help prevent leaks.
And it will be easier to remove it next oil change.
As shown in photo

Then install your new oil filter.
And tighten it down with the oil filter wrench.
Next we are ready to locate the engine oil cap.
And remove it to fill with oil.
As shown in photo.

Next put the oil funnel in place to add oil.
As shown in photo.

On my 4Runner it calls for 5w-30
always check what kind of oil your
Vehicle calls for before adding it.
My 4Runner calls for six and a half quarts.
I will add 6 quarts put the oil cap back on and start the engine
briefly then shut off the engine and check the oil.
Locate the oil dip stick.
As shown in photo.

Pull out the oil dip stick to check the level.
Then remove the oil cap and add the half quart.
Put the oil cap back on.Restart the engine briefly.
And turn it off. And check the oil and you are done.
As shown.

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