Jeep Wrangler Broken Caliper Bolt How To Remove It

By | December 4, 2017

How to remove a broken bolt.
I was working on one of my vehicles.
And a bolt broke due to age and the condition of the bolt.
In most cases you will need to drill out the bolt.
With a drill bit that is smaller then the bolt.
So you don’t damage what the bolt goes in to.
In my case the bolt that holds on the caliper broke.
As shown in photo.

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In some cases if there is enough of the bolt left you can grab what is left of it
with a vice grip of a channel locks.
Be very careful not to break off what is left of the bolt.
If you do break off what is left of the bolt you will need to drill it out.
I was lucky in my circumstance there was enough to grab on to remove it with a channel locks.
As shown in photo.

I was able to remove it by turning what was left of the bolt, counter clock wise.
And the bolt came out.
If you don’t have enough left to grab on to you will need to drill out the bolt.
If your bolt look similar to this bolt shown in photo.
You might need to grind the bolt flat with the metal.
So it is flush.

By grinding it flush with the metal.
You can take a center punch and make a small divot on the bolt.
So you can use a small drill bit to drill out the bolt.
Make sure to use a small drill bit to drill threw the bolt.
Some times after you drill threw it with a small bit you might need to use a drill bit one size bigger
to get the bolt out.
Always being very careful to only drill threw the bolt only.
You don’t want to damage what you are drilling out.
That can cost more money if when you are drilling it out.
you damage the surface you are working on.

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