Jeep Wrangler How To Replace Your Track Bar

By | December 3, 2017

Prior to purchasing my Jeep Wrangler. The previous owner Installed a lift kit On The Jeep. which apparently can cause a variety of suspension Issues due to being lifted. It puts A Lot additional stress on suspension parts. especially rubber parts in my case. It damaged the track bar. If your jeep has been lifted. It will be a good idea to thoroughly inspect the whole entire suspension system and look for worn-out or Broken components. When You Drive Around 40 To 50 Miles a Hour. You Might Experience A Wobble Know As The Wobble Of Death. When You Hit A bump.

How To Remove Your Track Bar.
Remove The Bolt From The Left Side Of The Track Bar Then The Left Side Of The Track Bar Can Be Dropped Down See Photo For Bolt Location.

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On The Right Side Of The Track Bar Remove The Cotter Pin And Nut.
As Seen In Photo.

You will need a tool called a ball Joint Separator. Also Known As A Fork Tool.
This Can Be Purchased At Most Automotive Part Stores. For Around $10
As Seen In Photo.

Insert The Ball Joint Separator Tool Just under The Frame. Right on The Rubber boot As Seen In Photo.

You Will Need To Hit The Ball Joint Separator Tool Hard With A Hammer For The Track Bar To Come Out.

If You Purchased A Adjustable Track Bar. Measure The Length Of Your Old Track Bar.
And Adjust The New Track Bar To The Same Size. That Will Help To Prevent Issues
With Your Wheels Not Being Straight With Your Steering Wheel.
After You Complete The Track Bar Installed. You Might Need To Get The Jeep Professionally alighted.
To Help Prevent Issues Of Poor Tire Wear.

Please See Video For Additional Information For How To Install Your Track Bar.

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