Oil Change & Filter Replacement Toyota Tacoma

By | November 10, 2017

How to change the oil Toyota Tacoma 2.4 liter.
Let’s get started. Open up your engine compartment.

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You will need a few simple tools.
Oil drain pan oil filter wrench and Funnel and a wrench.
As shown in photo.

Let’s get started by putting your oil drain pan under
The vehicle engine under the oil pan.
As shown in photo.

Go head and remove the oil drain plug.
To drain the oil. Make sure the oil drain pan is right under your oil pan
to catch the oil.
As shown in photo.

Then inspect your oil drain plug for wear or damage.
Any signs of wear or damage to the drain plug or drain plug gasket.
Replace it. With a new one for around $10
As shown in photo.

Next go head and install your drain plug.
Be careful not to over tighten it.
If you do over tighten it you can damage our oil pan.
A good idea it to get it hand tight then with a wrench.
Tighten it about a quarter to half turn more.

Next find your oil filter. Mine was essayist to get to from
the passenger side Behind the wheel.
As shown in photo.

Make sure you have you oil drain pan under the oil filter.
To catch the oil that fall’s
Use you oil filter wrench. To remove the oil filter.
Turn the filter wrench counter clock wise to remove it.
As shown.

Now get your oil filter ready by applying a little bit of oil.
To the top of the oil filter gasket. This will help make a good
seal and help avoid leaks.
As shown in photo.

Now you are ready to install the oil filter.
screw on the oil filter. Get it hand tight.
Then use your oil filter wrench to get it tighter.
A half a turn or so will be good. Don’t over tighten.

Now you are ready to fill it with oil.
Always check with your manufacture for what kind of oil
it takes and how much.

My Toyota Tacoma Takes 5w-30 it calls for 4 and three quarters quarts.

Start in your engine comportment looking for the oil cap.remove the oil cap
As shown in photo.

Then go head and put your oil funnel in place.
As shown in photo.

Next we will add the oil. Mine calls for 4 and three quarters quarts.
I will add 4 quarts and replace the oil cap.
Then briefly start the engine.
Then locate the oil dipstick the handle it yellow.
Remove the dipstick clean it with a rag.
insert the dipstick back in and remove it again to check the oil
As Shown in photo.

After checking the oil it is low. We will remove the oil cap
again insert the funnel again. And add the remaining three quarters of a quart. Replace the oil cap back on. And start the engine again briefly
And recheck the oil. now it is at the right operating range.
As shown in photo.

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