Jeep Wrangler How To Replace Your Track Bar

Prior to purchasing my Jeep Wrangler. The previous owner Installed a lift kit On The Jeep. which apparently can cause a variety of suspension Issues due to being lifted. It puts A Lot additional stress on suspension parts. especially rubber parts in my case. It damaged the track bar. If your jeep has been lifted.… Read More »

How To Install Tie Rod Ends On A jeep

This will teach you how to replace your tie rod ends on a jeep. Get started by loosing up the lug nuts on drivers side front wheel don’t remove them all of the way just loosen them. Now you are ready to jack up the vehicle and put it on jack stands. It is a… Read More »

Toyota Tacoma P0441 Check Engine Light

I purchased a 1999 Toyota Tacoma that had a check engine light. I used my obd tool and a application on my Smart phone called Torque. To scan my vehicle’s computer If you don’t have one you can buy one. They don’t cost that much online. Or you can have your local automotive parts store… Read More »

straighten your steering wheel

If your wheels are straight. And your steering wheel is not straight with your wheels. You might need to adjust your steering wheel knuckle. Start by making sure your wheels are straight. As shown in photo. Photo showing steering wheel is off a little. As shown in photo. If possible it is easier to do… Read More »