straighten your steering wheel

By | November 26, 2017

If your wheels are straight.
And your steering wheel is not straight with your wheels.
You might need to adjust your steering wheel knuckle.
Start by making sure your wheels are straight.
As shown in photo.

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Photo showing steering wheel is off a little.
As shown in photo.

If possible it is easier to do it with two people.
One person to adjust the steering wheel knuckle.
And the other person to look at the steering wheel
to tell you when the steering wheel is straight.
Get started by loosing the two bolts on the steering wheel knuckle.
As shown in photo.

Loosen the bolts enough so you can turn the steering wheel knuckle.
You might need to turn it clockwise or counter clockwise.
Depending witch way your steering wheel needs to go.
After you get your steering wheel lined up with your
wheels tighten the two bolts down.

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